Winnipeg Wedding Photography Workshop

How to invite, create and capture CONNECTION!


With over 10 years experience in Wedding Photography, my style has evolved over the years, always honing in on creating and capturing unique, authentic and real Connection between couples.

I used to struggle with

  • getting amazing images from boring locations

  • getting variety from portrait sessions (same two looks over and over)

  • worrying about how other people were getting amazing poses from couples

  • self confidence in directing people who seem to not want to be directed

  • finding my voice in my work

This workshop is all about creating Connection. It's about taking control of everything you THINK is out of your control - so you can create images that means something to you and the couple!

It’s not about shooting thousands of frames. It’s not about having the latest camera. It’s not about the latest hot trend. It’s not always about the most perfect light in the most perfect location…

It’s about real people, in real moments and you as an artist, documenting that in a controlled and calculated way.

I will be doing a live shoot, showing all the little things I use to help guide me in creating and capturing Connection, followed by open shooting by you using these techniques.

You will leave feeling motivated, inspired and confident in your ability to give direction, take control and create meaningful images.


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It’s moments of open Connection and Vulnerability like in the video below that inspire me, recharges my creative batteries and makes me so incredibly proud, to be the historian of these moments.


Is this for you?

These workshops are designed for both the beginner as well as experienced photographers, videographers.

If you are looking to learn more about:

  • How to take control of the shoot

  • Giving directions vs same boring poses

  • Getting amazing images of all kinds of people, not just models.

  • Connection with your couple

  • Creating Connection between your couple

  • Riding the Pose to create endless variations of one look

  • Getting close to your couple

  • Gear, time of day, locations

  • Email instructions before the shoot

  • Portfolio Build

This workshop is for you!

Bond is the most personable, professional, and perfect guy to learn all of the essentials on your journey as a photographer.

He will highlight connection, teach you with expertise and leave you with the best educational and motivational advice.

Bond’s mentoring/workshops were no doubt the pivoting points in my career! I really can’t say anything but amazing things, and I’ll be thanking him until the end of time. Bonus: You’ll also be making a forever friend!
— Réanne Berard Photography

Connection = Endless variety

When I started out shooting engagement sessions and weddings, I would ALWAYS reach a point where it felt like I was shooting the same thing over and over and over again.

I had no confidence in giving direction, and felt like I had no vision or artistic voice when it came to the look of my photos.

I will share with you some of the key points that opened my eyes and my heart, to be able to guide, invite and most important SEE - the natural Connection between my couples.

Being able to notice this Connection, and then just ride it like a beautiful wave, will give you the breakthrough you need when it comes to:

  • Posing your couples

  • Finding your voice in your work

Bond taught me how to capture real, raw and beautiful emotions between couples; as well as paying attention to the details in order to truly tell a story. It taught me technical knowledge, tips and tricks with using lighting and off camera flash to assist with and encourage the creation of some outstanding images.

Thank you BLF Studios as this was a tremendously rewarding, encouraging and memorable experience. I would hands down, without a doubt, highly recommend it!
— Lori Gospodyn Photography

Investment | $599 + gst | Per Workshop Date

  • 3 Hours of Learning & Shooting (real people, real location)

  • Email template (to send to couple to prep them for the shoot)

  • Model Release to use Images as Portfolio

  • Q&A + Included in BLF Workshops FB Page (exclusive content + news)


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When you sign up for a BLF Studios event, you are gifting yourself a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
This workshop will speak to the soul of your photography.
From the first moments, Bond and Tony share intimately of their stories, their skills and their talents.
The BLF Studios brand brings with it a raw and wondrous interpretation of the world and the people that inhabit it.
You will learn to establish honest, meaningful relationships with the people on the other side of your lens…..unearthing incredible moments of vulnerability and authenticity.
If you’ve been longing to deepen the connection between your camera and the stories it tells, this investment will not disappoint.
— Angel Turcotte