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Winnipeg Wedding Photography by blfStudios

Winnipeg Wedding Photography by blfStudios

About our Photography

As Wedding Photographers, it is a pleasure, an honour but above all else, our responsibility to document your story. We capture a time and place, a feeling to relive and enjoy for many years. A snippet in time for your future generations to experience what it was like on your wedding day. Who you were, what you looked like, what you felt and how those around you loved you.

We aim, to have you see your real self, when you look at the photos. That you feel comfortable during our time together, that you trust us - so we can capture who you really are as individuals and as a couple. It’s easy to copy what everyone else is doing, but so much more valuable to do your own thing.

Our style is not traditional and it’s not over the top super modern with crazy editing. It’s real, consistent and makes you feel something.

We capture details from your day, amazing bride and groom portraits, fun bridal party photos, beautiful real moments between family and friends. Your final gallery of photos will be very well balanced, giving you the story of your day.

Wedding Planning Tips

Make sure there is enough time for the two of you to be alone on the Wedding Day.

Make sure there is enough time for the two of you to be alone on the Wedding Day.

This Guide was designed to help you plan your wedding, no matter what stage of the process you are at. Whether you are still looking for a Ceremony Venue, or just need a Wedding Photographer / Videographer. Scroll down, to see everything we could gather to assist you in planning your own Winnipeg wedding.

Wedding Day Timeline

The very last thing you want to do on your wedding day is worry about the details. It is always best to plan our a few things and let the professionals you hired take care of the rest.

For Wedding Photography, we love to start about an hour before you would get into your dress. By this time your hair and make up is pretty much done, everyone feels comfortable with having their picture taken and the excitement of the day builds up quickly from there.

Some people like to do a First Look after that, leading into Bridal Party Photos, Ceremony, Family photos and then a few more Bridal Portraits before Reception starts.

Here is one example of a typical 8 Hour Timeline for a Wedding Photography Day

  • 2pm Getting Ready Photos

  • 3pm First Look (bride & groom only)

  • 3:30pm Bridal Party Photos

  • 4:30pm Back at Ceremony to Freshen up & Set up

  • 5pm Ceremony

  • 5:30pm Family Photos

  • 6pm (During Cocktail) Bride & Groom Formal Portraits

  • 7pm Reception (Popular to have First Dance at Entrance)

  • Speeches during Dinner

  • 8:30pm (ish) Golden Light Photos with Bride & Groom

  • 9-10pm Formal & Open Dance Photos

  • The timeline Above will give you on average around 600-800 finished photos.

Bride and Groom First Dance in tent at  Pineridge Hollow

Bride and Groom First Dance in tent at Pineridge Hollow

Winnipeg Wedding Planners

We LOVE working with Wedding Planners - at the very least for Day of Coordination. Having someone with experience help plan and coordinate your day is priceless! It allows you VALUABLE time to be in the moment, to enjoy time with each other as well as your family and friends.

There is a sense of ease, when we know there is a Wedding Coordinator taking care of the timeline and details, as this allows us to have you enjoy your photo time with us, because you can be stress free, relaxed and comfortable knowing the timeline has been ironed out.

We have worked with and highly recommend the following wonderful people :

Amazing Wedding Venues

We have the Top 30 Winnipeg and area Wedding Ceremony and Reception venues listed on our Venues Page - HERE.

Night portraits in the snow at  La Lune Wedding Venue

Night portraits in the snow at La Lune Wedding Venue

Wedding Photo Locations

Not all weddings are alike, thank goodness, and we also do not have a cookie cutter recipe for documenting them. We love to photograph anywhere and everywhere.

Depending on your timeline we might do a First Look, or do most photos between ceremony and reception. Sometimes we go to one or two different locations and often times we do not need to leave the venue.

A few of our favourite locations for wedding and engagement photos are

Wedding Dress / Gown Designers & Salons

We recently did a Blog Post highlighting a few of our favourite dress designers and boutiques to order from and visit.
See that list HERE

That feeling when the dress is on and you know the day is now officially here!

That feeling when the dress is on and you know the day is now officially here!

Winnipeg Wedding Officiants

We are very lucky to have amazing Wedding Officiants / Marriage Commissioners here in Manitoba. They are kind, open minded and care about you and your beliefs deeply. Most al of them work custom ceremonies for you, and can even attend your rehearsal as part of their package.

We love working with the following folks, not only because the ceremonies are beautiful, but also because they always make sure us as photographers can get the best photos for you at the ceremony - like stepping out of the way for the First Kiss so it’s just the bride and groom in the photo.

Click to view their websites

Winnipeg Wedding Videographers / Cinematographers

One thing is for sure - the relationship between your photographer and videographer is very important. Having these professionals working together as a team (even if not from the same company) to give you the best coverage of your wedding, is not something to overlook.

We love working with the following folks and ALWAYS know we will be able to give you amazing photos and them video - because as professionals and team players - we know how to assist each other to get the best shot possible without getting in each other’s way.

Wedding Florists

LOVE this creation with the Protea by  Deer Dutch

LOVE this creation with the Protea by Deer Dutch

I am always in awe with the stunning creations we see at the weddings. From huge bouquets to more intimate and gentle arrangements. We love and trust the following flower artists - have a look at their amazing work on their sites.

Wedding Make Up Artists

I think Winnipeg is spoiled with an abundance of super creative and professional Make Up Artist. It is impossible to list them all, but here are a few to get your search going.

Wedding Caterers & Food Trucks

I don’t think people fully realize the amazing talent and options we have when it comes to food quality, variety and flavours. Yes, we are in Winnipeg, but we can compete with the best of them in other top wedding destinations.

See for yourselves:

Wedding Cakes & Bakeries

Who does not love a doughnut?

Who does not love a doughnut?

This amazing handmade name card by  VCalligraphy

This amazing handmade name card by VCalligraphy

Wedding Photography FAQ

Can we see a full wedding gallery? 
You bet!
Let me know what style your wedding will be or what venue and I can send something to give you an idea of how I document such a wedding.

Can we meet up? 
It is important to get to know each other for sure! I can come over to your place to show you more work, go over some collections and talk about the details of your day. It seems to be very popular these days to do a Skype or FaceTime. I’m good with that as well : )

Do you offer wedding photo packages? 
My most popular packages are between 8-10 hours, I also offer many a la carte options: prints, albums, guestbooks and more. I build custom collections for my couples based on their budgets. Our coverage starts at 3200 and always includes a complimentary Engagement or Pre Wedding Photo Session.

Do you take formal family portraits? 
At every wedding, and most often right after the ceremony.

How do we book you? 
We use a secure booking site that includes an online contract and payment system. To secure your date, we require a $1500 first wedding instalment.

Second Photographer?
I am lucky enough to work with my beautiful wife. She is amazing, will make you laugh out loud and know what I need before I even ask for it. We make a great team!

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