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It is simply amazing to read all the kind testimonials that stream in at the end of each wedding year.

We have been photographing weddings in Winnipeg for close to 10 years now, and have so many amazing experiences to reflect on. We have highlighted a few wedding reviews below and have a lot more on our Google Review’s Page – click here.

Let’s not make this too serious here. We don’t mean to be gloating here, but this is a big investment and you need to know that we are experienced, trusted, professional photographers looking to have fun with amazing people, but also serious about our craft and responsibility for this once in a lifetime event.

Dani and Ben | Wedding at the WAG

As the sun set it reflected the most amazing patterns onto the WAG entrance and I just knew we had to get this shot.

As the sun set it reflected the most amazing patterns onto the WAG entrance and I just knew we had to get this shot.

We would absolutely recommend BLF studios to any and all of our friends and family. We first met Bond at a wedding that he was shooting for friends of ours. At that point we hadn’t decided on a photographer and were leaning towards asking friends of ours who were amateur photographers. We clicked on the online gallery he posted of the wedding and immediately fell in love. The next day we emailed Bond to set up a meeting. We were so at ease with Bond we felt like we had known him for years. At our connection session he was great at directing us and helping us find the perfect spots. For our wedding Bond and Leah were so prepared, picking up location keys that morning and making sure we got the best shots even with the pouring rain outside! With our wedding less than a month ago, we have already approved our album layout and are finishing picking our digital photos. Bond and Leah are an absolutely wonderful, professional team of photographers and all around amazing people. Thank you so much for everything!  Dani & Ben

Toni and Greg | Wedding at Itala Game Reserve

Although based in Winnipeg, we document weddings all over the world. South Africa is a favourite!
Although based in Winnipeg, we document weddings all over the world. South Africa is a favourite!

YES YES YES —-thats is what I say when asked would you recommend BLF studios to a friend…Bond is a BRILLIANT photographer and also a great guy!!! His wife Leah was just wonderful on the shoot (even reminding me of little things I had to do) Both Bond and Leah were so easy to get on with and most importantly always accommodating to requests. He does his research before on the venue – finds the best backdrop and shoots amazing photos come rain or shine… And somehow he makes it all seem so easy. Bond even went the extra mile and straight after the wedding put a few Amazing pics on Facebook for our guests to see. I have had so many comments from other people about how amazing the photos are! Thank you so much once again Bond & Leah we could not have asked for anything better!!! Toni & Greg

Tifini and Wade | Wedding at Pine Ridge Hollow

Friends will be friends!

Friends will be friends!

We are so happy we hired Bond and Leah to be our Wedding photographers.  They had great collection options to choose from! We felt so comfortable with them from the get go and had a great time with them doing our Connection session and Wedding photos. The books they put together of our photos are amazing and we have had so many compliments. One of my bridesmaids said they made her wish she could re-do her wedding and have them do her pics. The systems they use on the computer for you to pick and view your photos makes everything so easy. All in all – they were amazing and we had a lot of fun!!! Tfini & Wade

Mikaela and Eric | Wedding at Lower Fort Garry and Rembrandt’s Bistro

I asked for one last roll of film during reception. The light was amazing!

I asked for one last roll of film during reception. The light was amazing!

Seriously Bond, you really made it difficult for Eric and I to choose top three for the wall art and top 61 for the album!

We really wanted to say thank you again for sharing our day and your artistic perfection with us. Our friends and family cannot stop raving about how great you are and all of the emails we have received from our parents and wedding party keep saying “Bond is amazing” at least once in their comments. Katie was so excited and in awe of how beautiful you made her cake work look in photos. She kept saying over and over last night “He just gets it – he gets what it is all about.”

Both Eric and I could not be happier with how everything turned out. Seriously, every picture Eric and I look at, we can immediately remember our little moments and jokes that happened throughout the day. Eric can immediately remember how excited and nervous he felt before he saw me, I can remember all of the little whispers Eric said during our first dance, and we can remember all of the laughs we had with our friends, just by looking at your photos.  That was exactly the goal we wanted for our wedding photos and you achieved that seamlessly.  I also really want to thank you for doing such a flawless job in capturing the moments between my Mom and I so effortlessly. It was such a touching, emotional experience for my Mom and I as she was representing both my Dad and my Step-Dad that day and your photos really show the intricate, private moments that my Mom and I have. I honestly don’t even have the words to thank you so much for having the ability to capture those moments and the relationship I have with my Mom in such a beautiful way that you did.

Booking with BLF Studios continues to be our favourite memory of planning our wedding and it will always be our favourite memory of our wedding day. Every couple and family that books with you in the future are very lucky to experience such great work from such an incredible artist.

We can rave about your work for hours and of course, will continue to do so to everyone we know LOL

It was such a pleasure to get to know you and Leah. You are an inspiring couple for newlyweds to be around and we hope we are able to share more memories with you both. Mikaela & Eric

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