Frequently Asked Wedding Photography Questions

  1. How long have you been a Wedding Photographer?
    Between myself, Leah and Tony we have over 10 years worth of experience and collectively have documented well over 500 weddings. Most of them right here in Winnipeg, but other destinations include the USA (California & Hawaii), Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, South Africa, Germany, England and Taiwan.

  2. Does your Collections include a second photographer?
    We have photographed hundreds of weddings by ourselves, as well as with a second photographer. There surely is value in both options. When using a second photographer, you get that comfort of photos of multiple places at the same time. This is very valuable when it comes to the ceremony and reception, and being at two places during Getting Ready. We only use Professional Photographers as our second shooters, when we are not helping each other out.

  3. How many Wedding Photos will be receive?
    On average we have found that it ranges from between 400-800, depending on the amount of hours we photograph. We are very deliberate when we take photos, so each photo means something to you and you don’t have 2000 photos where over half of them are simply duplicates with a slight change in angle.

  4. How much do you charge?
    We have taken into account the huge amount of experience we have, our unique styles and 5 Star reviewed service to calculate (amongst other things), our value. Our coverage starts at $3200, with payment split into 3 instalments. Send us a message HERE, and we will be happy to talk with you in detail about your day and what we can customize for you.

  5. What about an Engagement or Pre Wedding Photo Shoot?
    We LOVE engagement shoots and have a complimentary session for all our couples. This time together is invaluable, as we get to know each other better, work out the nerves of being in front of the camera and get to make amazing, relaxed photos together. This way, we are not total strangers when we show up on your wedding day, and you trust even more in capturing those photos that mean the most.

  6. How long will we wait to see our wedding photos?
    We shoot a combination of Film and Digital, and your final Photo Gallery will be ready in 4-6 weeks post wedding. You will see some sneak previews well before that though - with a little quick edit photo the day after your wedding!

  7. How will you deliver our photos?
    You will have both an Engagement and Wedding Photo Gallery. This simply means a photo website, where you can view the photos (categorized by chapter of the day). You can share this Gallery with Family and Friends, and they can purchase Digital Copies, Archival Quality Prints and more from the Gallery as well.

    You will be able to download your photos from this Gallery, and we will send you a beautiful USB Box as well.
    You can view examples of these Galleries HERE.

  8. How long in advance do you book up?
    It really depends. For the most popular months, mid summer, usually a year in advance, but we have had weddings booked a month before to two years in advance. Best thing to do is send us an inquiry and find out if we are available - then secure the date : )

  9. How do we book with you to secure our wedding date?
    We have made the booking process as easy and fast as possible. We use an online booking system. You will sign your contract online, and have your very own Wedding Portal. You can access your contract, invoices, receipts and Wedding Day Planing Form from this Portal.

  10. What makes you different from the other thousands of photographers?
    We like to think our styles speak for themselves. It’s not traditional, nor super modern with crazy editing and effects. It’s real. We give our couples moments they can relive many years from now.

    We have a lot of 5 Star Google Reviews HERE. Most all of our couples tell us they loved how we were professional yet approachable, kept things calm and relaxed, and captured photos of moments they didn’t even know happened.

  11. How do we get in touch with you?
    You can cal us, email us or complete the contact form. All of those links can be found on the CONTACT PAGE.

    We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest in having us be your Wedding Photographers.

Let’s go make some beautiful photos!! We promise to convince you that you are photogenic and that being in front of a camera can be fun!

Let’s go make some beautiful photos!! We promise to convince you that you are photogenic and that being in front of a camera can be fun!