Winter Wedding at Bridges Golf Course | Stephanie + Stephen

Happy Monday to those landing here today and if it is not Monday when you read this - I am the first to wish you a happy Monday for next week... There is that then.

I am sharing highlights from Stephanie and Stephen's winter wedding at Bridges Golf Course today. 

It was Valentines Day, but Stephanie warned me early on that they were not your typical Valentines wedding couple.  

They just choose the day because it worked for them.  Although they claim to not be very romantic - I think we all have romance in us.

Romance with the ones we love. Different types of romance.  There is romance in how you speak to and love your friends, how you patiently care for and feel love for your family, how you embrace each day and how you treat your fellow human.

Romance in how you don't have to say a thing to the one you love, just to break the silence. In all the little things that only the two of you know.

Romance is not what we see in the movies.  Romance and the way you love is unique to you. No two couples can love the same way. We should never be ashamed of this or try to be someone or something we are not.

I am happy to share highlights from this Valentines Day wedding, that could have been on Christmas Day, New Years Eve or the 21st of July. The love and romance would have been the same.

Family and Friends are invited to view all of their wedding photos in their online proofing gallery by clicking on the gallery link below.



Ceremony & Reception: Bridges Golf Course