Winnipeg Wedding Photographers Testimonial

It is so touching when you get the most perfect testimonial. All the hard work, dedication, passion, all the times you have to suck it up and stay strong after yet another no - it's all worth it when the ones that do say yes - say so at the top of their voices!

Thank you so much Caty + Jonny for these amazing words.

"I remember meeting Bond and Leah at the wonderful wedding show. Their booth was amazing with all their photography (art) that was so unique and well crafted. I could not get their photos out of our head. The pictures displayed made you feel a connection to the people in them, something that traditional photographers couldn’t bring on. I encouraged Jonny to meet with Bond and we both were immediately hooked and wanted BLF to be part of our special day.

Bond is so easy going and funny. He made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. He made me feel like a movie star. I think everyone should feel comfortable around their photographer(s) and I can say that he truly made it easy to feel that way.

If you’re looking for photos that will bring you back to your special event, not just visually but emotionally then BLF Studios is for you. We cannot say enough good things about Bond and Leah, they were so easy to get along with.

BLF Studios offers great items. We are so in love with our guest book that captures our photos from our connection session (engagement photos) and all of our guest comments that we can reflect on. We cannot wait to see our wedding book which no doubt will leave us speechless. We highly recommend having Bond take Polaroids, they were an amazing touch at our wedding. It was fun for our guests and a beautiful keepsake for them as well.

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day and hopefully we'll cross paths again."

Caty and Jonny Hall

Winnipeg Wedding Photographers Testimonial