Winnipeg Wedding Photographer Testimonial

Just when your feel your head might disappear under water - a little kick of energy in the form of a wonderful testimonial kicks in. Thank you so much Gillian + Vince for this.

"Within an hour of meeting Bond, we knew he understood what we wanted to express with our wedding photos. The time that he takes to get to know the couples he works with gives their pictures personality and showcases their unique qualities as a couple.

To have a person care enough to get to know you as an individual and as a couple in order to capture your relationship perfectly, is something we will never be able to thank Bond and Leah enough for. The pictures from both our connection session and wedding tell a story of a new family who is growing together, in love with each other, and a bit crazy too.

We cannot thank you enough for what you do. It is more than pictures. It’s a reminder that when you’re passionate about something, that passion comes through the medium you work with. Thank you for the wonderful work you create, for telling our story and for creating beautiful memories for our family."