Engagement Videos | Winnipeg

Winnipeg Engagement Videos

A mini clip from a Pre Wedding Shoot out in Gimli, Manitoba. These types of videos are becoming more popular as couples embrace more than just photos for their engagement sessions.

We are happy to offer these as we expand our skill set and artistic exploration within the wedding industry. Our vision for these videos, be it engagement, couples, family or weddings - is to be unique, artistic and real. No cheese.

We have a few dates available this summer if you were toying with the idea of having video, but didn’t want the traditional wedding video style.

Amazing Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Inspiration

It surely is not all the wedding dresses we have seen, but these ones will give you a good idea of the range and hopefully make it clear, that you can be yourself with what you wear.

Wedding dresses come in all shapes, designs, sizes, colours and more. Find what works for you and your style - don’t feel forced to wear what tradition dictates.

We have amazing wedding dress salons and designers - right here in Winnipeg. Happy shopping!

Amanda + Justin's Wedding

A St. Boniface Golf Club wedding

Bond blfStudios Winnipeg Wedding Photographer.jpg

I am sharing a few highlights from this, beautiful day. A day filled with quiet. Young Love. Laughter and the energy of new beginnings.  Click play above for music, sit back a scroll through the day with me.

Let's start with the end of the day.

Jori + Kyle's Wedding | Winnipeg

Manitoba Club Ceremony & Reception

Bond blfStudios Winnipeg Wedding Photographer.jpg

It is entirely possible to have an intimate wedding, with lots of guests. I enjoyed being a part of this beautiful day. Family, old friends, new friends, wine, laughter and dancing. 

Please click play for the music to guide you through the photos. It's part of the experience.

Below, a few of my favourite moments to remember the day by.

Speeches are fun, when kept short and informative, funny, with a light sprinkling of a roast. 

Lesley + Victor's Wedding Photos

Winnipeg CMHR wedding photographer

I would love for you to click play above, sit back and slowly scroll through some of my favourite moments from Lesley and Victor's amazing wedding. 


Our stories, do not start with us. It has always been, and will forever be.


Ancient Traditions


Ceremony in the Garden of Contemplation

Just married.jpg

Have you ever experienced a Chinese Lion Dance? Scroll left or right below.


Coming soon to the blog

WPG Engagement + Wedding Photos to be featured soon.

Katleen + Mitch's Wedding | Pineridge Hollow | Photos by Bond

Katleen + Mitch's Wedding | Pineridge Hollow | Photos by Bond

Alana + Grant's Connection Session | Pinawa Dam | Photos by Tony

Alana + Grant's Connection Session | Pinawa Dam | Photos by Tony

Lesley + Victor's Wedding | CMHR | Photos by Bond

Lesley + Victor's Wedding | CMHR | Photos by Bond