Mt. Norquay

Banff wedding photography | Meghan + Rob

I must confess...

I had the most amazing time with this wedding. It was my first wedding in Canada where I actually knew the couple as friends. Meghan, grew up with Leah's sister in good old Morden, MB. We were all in Taiwan together.  If you went on adventures in Taiwan together - you've clocked some time.

I enjoyed shooting the wedding, and although I was paid as a professional, I felt like a friend the entire time.  A more behind the scenes kinda feel to the day. 

We had crazy weather. Rain for the morning, cold setting in, then snow to end it.  

For me, having everything hyper focused, it was beautiful to see the love and respect between Rob and Meghan, their friends and family.  What touched me, was the dedication from one of Meghan's Bridesmaids.  Who has liver cancer, received chemo during the day, missioned up the side of mountain paths, but would not miss this celebration.  Meghan and Rob bring this out in the people surrounding them - you can't not want to love them.

Secondly, Canmore, Banff - the mountains. Oh the mountains. When Leah told me way back when that she was from Canada, in my head I saw the Rockies.  Who knew there was not a single bump in Manitoba... 

So, I am making plans to shoot more out there. It is stunning! 

I am really happy with the photos and hope you enjoy some of my favourites from the day.

Family and friends can click here to view all the photos in their online wedding gallery.

Amazing Wedding Venue: Mt. Norquay Ski Resort

Stunning place to stay in Banff: Fox Hotel & Suites