Jillian + Sean's West Hawk Lake Engagement Session

I had Sean and Jill over the other day for their screening and it was fun to sit together and relive our little adventure in West Hawk Lake.  I love that Jillian walked around barefoot.  It suited the area, and her so much.  What I loved most about the entire session was the clear and positive energy of mutual respect between them. So gentle with each other. A beautiful thing.

If I could shoot out in the bush, trees, mountains and beach every day I would be a very happy man. Mmmm - maybe a goal worth writing down.

I absolutely LOVE the photos we ended up with and can only dream of what we will capture on their wedding day.

Family and Friends can view all the photos in their online viewing gallery.


For Photographers:
Kodak Portra 400, 800 + Ilford XP2
Contax 645, Canon 1V