Garson, Manitoba backyard tent wedding

I love that there is such a variety in the couples that invest in our services.  We document everything from Hotel to Backyard Tent Weddings, small and intimate to large and formal.  It's so great to not shoot the exact same thing every weekend.

Leah and I had the great pleasure to see Tod cry when Shelly walked down the aisle in their backyard ceremony.  They planted and watered a tree - a reminder of that special day. I LOVE that idea so much.  One day when they are old and ugly - that tree will stand tall and strong - a vivid reminder of the day they said they would love each other till the end.  The day two worlds officially became one.  Two worlds with different memories, different stories, different adventures - that day became one.

It was beautiful.

I also really enjoyed when almost everyone except the bride changed into casual clothes to party!  LOL! 

Family and Friends are invited to view all the wedding photos by clicking on the link below.


Wedding Details:

Ceremony & Reception - Shelly + Tod's backyard

Flowers - Timeless Florals

Band: Petric Brothers

For Photographers:
Fujifilm x100s & XT1
Contax 645 Portra 400, 800, TriX