Elena + Mark's wedding at the Hotel Fort Garry

Ever since I had my Connection Session with Elena and Mark, I knew their wedding day would be special.  They are such gentle souls, so kind to each other. So perfect.

Mark,  just smiles, shrugs and sneaks a glance to make sure Elena approves. He opens the door for her, she looks at him with respect, gratitude and sincere love.  I know - sappy, but that stuff still exists in today's day and age - and it's beautiful. I don't care what people say!

Leah and I had a great day with their friends and family and we managed to avoid the rain. Well, just about.  Here are some of my favourite frames.

Family and Friends are invited to view all the photos by clicking on the link below.


Wedding Details:

Ceremony - All Saints Anglican Church

Reception - The Fort Garry Hotel

Flowers - Floral Elements 

Cake - The Cake Studio

For Photographers:
Fuji x100s & XT1

Canon 5D MK2