Engagement Video Highlights | Ashley + Jason in Gimli

Engagement Video Highlights in Gimli

Video moments from an amazing Connection Session in Gimli, Manitoba with Ashley and Jason.

Engagement Video by Bond |  Click for Portfolio

Engagement Video by Bond |
Click for Portfolio

Spring Engagement Photo Shoot in Gimli | Savannah + Deagan

Spring Engagement Photo Shoot in Gimli

I met up with these two lovers out in Gimli to grab some amazing backdrops of ice, water and golden light.

Although Savannah and Deagan have been together for a while, it was nice to see the connection, love and in love nervousness still bubbling up.

I love the photos and look forward to their backyard wedding later this year. These are a few of my favourites from this session.

Bond Winnipeg Wedding Photographers.jpg

Photos by Bond

Alana + Grant's Wedding on Hecla Island

Hecla Island Resort Wedding, Manitoba

Tony blfStudios Hecla Island Resort Wedding Photographer.jpg

Photos by Tony

It was the picture of atmospheric tumult.  And in the lake the waves were clashing.

Grant and Alana, along with their friends and family, found refuge in an old church that stood strong against the battering elements.

When the ceremony was complete and the doors opened, they found warmth in each others arms, in moving speeches and by dancing the night away.

Melissa + Chris' Engagement Photos in Gimli

Gimli Engagement Photos by lake Winnipeg

Bond blfStudios Winnipeg Wedding Photographer.jpg

Photos by Bond

I met Chris at the Wedding Show a year or so ago. Just him, doing research for the big day. I'm not going to say Melissa was on holiday, but she was not able to attend the Show.... : )

It was such a pleasure to explore the areas around Gimli with these two lovely people. Starting off in Camp Morton and ending on an island. It was amazing.  I just love the range of photos we have. From funny, to intimate to scenic to emotional. 

Thank you so much for inviting me into this private space, for trusting me to capture it for you and for being so amazing to each other. It's beautiful to witness.

Please click play for music, slowly scroll through the photos and enjoy the emotion, memory and story of each.

Monica + Sean's Connection Session

Engagement Photo Session in Gimli, Manitoba

Bond blfStudios Winnipeg Wedding Photographer.jpg

Photos by Bond

The wind was there with them. In the gentle hugs, the soft kisses, the careful holding of hands. The wind was there, in the silence, when they basked in the beauty of their words for each other.

I invite you to click play for the music to guide you through each of these frames. It was such an honour for me to be there and document this for them. 

Amanda + Eric's Wedding

Lakeview Hecla Island Resort Wedding Photographer.jpg

Photos by Bond

I still believe it to be one of the hidden gems for a wedding in Manitoba and absolutely love getting out here when everything lines up. If you have never been to Hecla Island or know the area well - please click play for some mucis as you slowly scroll through a few highlights.


The most perfect outdoor ceremony spot.

Hecla Island Resort Outdoor Ceremony.gif

He sat up there, alone for a while, then took his role and made his way down with the rings.


Time for the Reception

The speeches were heartfelt and funny and made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Let's Dance.