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Gimli Lake Winnipeg Engagement Photos

What a year for interesting weather… We have had a lot of postponed engagement sessions and almost all the weddings in the rain BUT the world did not end and everyone had a lot of fun : )

Here are some highlights from an Engagement Session with two stunning people out in Gimli. Shealyn and Jacob braved the elements, but enjoyed the natural environment to cuddle up and have fun.

Engagement Photos on a farm in Poplar Point | Laura + Darren

Engagement Photos on a farm in Poplar Point Manitoba

Bond Winnipeg Wedding Photographers.jpg


Last week I headed out to do an engagement session on a farm close to the sprawling metropolis of Poplar Point…

I was excited because I have never seen that part of Manitoba, but also because, Laura and Darren were super nervous for the session. They have never really had their photo taken and felt they were gonna somehow disappoint me , as they felt sure their photos would not be as good as the other couples they see on my blog or IG feed.

I sent them some comforting words, but did not for one second think I could not capture some photos that would - show who they are, show what it felt like being there, show them a new side of themselves they have never seen - but most importantly, build a connection with them to carry through into the wedding day.

I will not feel like a stranger on their wedding day because of this session… well, and also because I had wine with Laura’s amazing mother in their kitchen on the farm after the session. Once you wine together, you can dine together : )

I LOVE the photos! There are a few of my favourite ones.

Bonus win - I did not get Poison Ivy again…

PS - These farm fields belonged to Laura’s family and we did not damage them in any way. Please respect farmers and their fields, always ask permission and for goodness sake don’t wander in there if they just sprayed!!

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Rainbow Falls Whiteshell | Chantal & Kevin

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Rainbow Falls Whiteshell

Tony Winnipeg Wedding Photographer.jpg

Photos by Tony

Big thanks to Kevin, Chantal and their kiddos for taking me up to the family cabin near Rainbow Falls, Whiteshell.  Your kids are nuts, you may be nuttier, and I can’t wait to see how that all translates on your wedding day.

Engagement photos in Birds Hill Park | Anqi + Michael

Engagement Photos in Birds Hill Park during Spring

Tony Winnipeg Wedding Photographer.jpg

Photos by Tony

After sharing their Spring engagement photos in Birds Hill Park, as a slideshow, we wanted to take the time to highlight a few of the photos that stood out and we fell in love with.

You can see the slideshow to music HERE.

Family Portraits + Engagement Photos in Birds Hill Park

Birds Hill Park, Manitoba

One of our favourite locations for weddings, engagements and family portrait photos. Here are a few favourites from a recent session Tony had out there.

Whiteshell Provincial Park Engagement Video Preview

Whiteshell Provincial Park Engagement Preview

Tony is teasing us with this amazing video he put together from his recent engagement photo session in Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Look out for the full feature soon.